5 Tips for Writing Text Descriptions




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    Kristi Hawkins

    Think about questions you have when you are traveling. Try and answer them in your descriptions of your own hotel as travel shoppers may have the same or similar questions.

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    Lyn Kienholz

    I think about what draws people to our area and why they are traveling and capture that emotion and focus on what else goes with their reason to be here that they might enjoy. I also like to look at our competitors to see what is missing on their page and make sure our page includes that information.

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    Emily Hall

    Being genuine in your descriptions, don't fluff with too many advertisement sounding words.

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    Krista Crawford

    The big thing to remember is help, not hype. Guests want to know how your hotel will help their vacation/trip/experience be more successful/memorable.

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    Lisa K. Adams

    I use the text descriptions to help guests with tips and ideas for their weddings while showcasing photos of weddings we've done on property. In general I try to make the text content that guests would want to read, not necessarily a sales pitch for the hotel.

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    Greg Bodenlos

    I agree with everyone who has written comments so far above. It's incredibly important to inform clearly and succinctly with text descriptions and provide the information that is most pertinent and necessary to potential future guests.

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