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    Kristi Hawkins

    Wonderfully written article. There's not enough importance placed on maintaining a clear presence on third party sites.

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    Asad Siddiqui

    Kayak is very often underestimate in terms of how popular the site is. With travel shoppers viewing up to 1 dozen sites before booking, Kayak is especially important since your hotels is being compared against competitors often on the very same page!

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    DoubleTree Midland

    Thank you for the clarification! With so many thrid party sites it is hard to keep up with what is truly relevant!

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    Krista Crawford

    Definitely agree! OTA's get confusing sometimes to try and keep track of it all.

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    Philip Farran

    There is definitely a new breed of travel channel that has emerged recently, and Kayak is leading the way. These metasearch engines are powerful consumer tools that create an even more competitive atmosphere for hotels, and any available advantage must be taken. Visual storytelling with the tools available at Leonardo is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition!

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