Drive Bookings with Content Marketing: Here’s How




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    Philip Farran

    Excellent example of how digital marketing is done right! Highlighting unique features, such as their bakery, was a unique and interesting way to showcase their competitive advantages.

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    Krista Crawford

    Nice to see some solid examples of content marketing for hotels!

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    Kristi Hawkins

    Looking forward to developing new content for 2015 and really engaging our guests both current and potential shoppers. Very nice examples.

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    Lyn Kienholz

    Great ideas - we are just updating our brochures & on-line content so it is fun to see other ideas and get creative!

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    Asad Siddiqui

    great article, Clementine does a fantastic job of creating fresh, interesting content. The web series is a really great idea. No matter your location, there's bound to be something interesting about location that's going to entice travel shoppers online.

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    Emily Hall

    This is helpful and provides some great inspiration!

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    GrandStay Hotel

    I love the Facebook Tour of the City! I wish I had about 12 more hours in each one of my days.

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    Lance Patel

    Some Great content I loved how they explained some great uses for digital marketing.

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