5 Reasons Your Property Needs Its Own Website




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    Krista Crawford

    Good info as we are beginning to re-do our website.

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    Kristi Hawkins

    Having an independent website can be crucial to a property's well being. Often times there are limitations and strict stipulations put forth by the brand and a hotel can't market as they need to within those guidelines. We've been able to offer incredible packages partnered with local attractions for many of our hotels utilizing an external website.

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    Lyn Kienholz

    Propelling argument as to why our hotel needs it's own site. Work to be done to see if the brand will allow it, but I can see why it would be important.

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    Emily Hall

    It's a definite benefit to hotel marketing.

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    Greg Bodenlos

    It's never been more important than to tell your own unique hotel story on your website. This goes beyond just listing services and amenities that your property offers (although that is the first and necessary step). Telling your own hotel story should integrally rely on and leverage user-generated feedback/content that your guests are currently organically sharing with their own social networks while they are still on property. At my hotel, we do a weekly engagement review of guest/visitor content that was shared via Instagram posts, for example, and re-share some of our favorite pieces of content through social. The next step we are working on is to bring this great UGC storytelling content onto our website to better visually highlight those unique brand attributes :)

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