How to use Content Manager in SynXis


Leonardo’s Content Manager allows you to manage and deploy media content across third-party channels in a single easy-to-use interface. It replaces the VScape platform, retaining the same key functionality with added features and workflow improvements.

Increase conversion and views on your third-party listings by uploading high-quality, fresh media that reflects your property’s unique selling features.

Use Content Manager to:

  • Upload high quality media for display across OTAs, gated channels, GDS’ and more
  • Set a featured image and primary room image on travel channels
  • Categorize media to optimize those listings
  • Associate room type codes to your media
  • Use Reports to audit Content Score and Distribution

Access Content Manager in SynXis under Setup > Images > Leonardo Content Manager Library. 



How to: Upload and Categorize Media

To upload your new photos, videos and virtual tours click the “Add Images” button on the top right.


Drag and drop your media from another window into the Upload Media pop-up, or click “Browse” to search your computer for files.  Keep in mind you can upload all of your images in bulk.


Review the categories, caption and distribution status. Captions and categories will auto-fill but it’s important to review them before completing the upload. 


Captions: enter a descriptive caption that is reflective of the image, e.g., “Deluxe King Room” or “Contactless Check-In.”

Categories: make sure you get as granular as possible when setting categories. The new search function now makes it easier than ever to quickly find the category you’re looking for.

Distribution Status:  you can set the distribution level in bulk for all the images you’re uploading or individually for each photo: “Inactive” means it will not be distributed anywhere. “Global” sends to all third-party distribution channels. “Media Library Only” feeds exclusively to your Media Library.

Once you’ve uploaded the media, reviewed the captions, categories and distribution status click “Upload”.  Newly uploaded media is displayed as “Processing” while the optimization engine runs.


How to: Re-sequence Media in Content Manager

The sequence or order of your photos can directly impact display on some third-party channels. The first image in your library is your feature image on some third-party channels, and the first image of each room type is that room’s primary image.  To set your primary image or re-sequence your content:

Click the “Resequence” button in the top right of the gallery:

Drag and drop your images in the pop-up window. Place your feature image in the first position and the primary image of each room type after that.



How to: Add Media to a Room Code & View Associations

As a reminder your Room Types are created within SHS Portal.  Before you can get started with associating media to a room type you need to make sure:

  • Your room codes have been created within SHS Portal
  • That all of your images have been loaded to Content Manager

Once you’ve completed the above two steps you’re good to get started with associating images to your room codes:

  • Click Setup > Rooms > Room Type. Click on the room you’d like to associate images to.  On the Image Library on the right hand pane click select Leonardo Content Manager and select the appropriate room type image:


You can also confirm which images are associated with room codes within Content Manager by selecting the Room Types tab to see a list of your room codes. Then click the ellipse icon to the right of the room code you’re looking to update and select Edit Room Media.


Click the “Show Only Selected Media” toggle to view what content is associated with that specific room type:



How to: Edit an individual media item

Making changes to existing content within Content Manager is easier than ever.

Click on the image you want to edit to pull up the “Media Drawer.”  The media drawer will slide out from the right hand side of the screen.


From here you can:

  • Download the image to your desktop
  • Delete the image
  • Review and edit the caption, category, copyright information or any other fields in this panel

If you’ve added any new meta-data make sure you click “Save Changes” to confirm your edits.

Please note if you delete an image in Content Manager, you will also need to delete that image from the room type and re-assign if needed.


How to: View and Filter Media

There are several new views and filters that have been added to Content Manager to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.  In the below section we’ll go through the different ways you can view and filter your content.


Content Manager provides 2 view layouts:

Grid View.  This is the default layout when you access Content Manager.  This layout provides large thumbnail images with some limited meta-data information. 


List View.  You can toggle to the list view to view additional meta-data associated with the images.  This view allows you to see the image sequence, category and distribution status at a glance.


Filter by Media Type 

On the left hand side of the screen you can filter to see the different file types you have loaded.  If you’re looking to view just the videos you have uploaded click on the drop down arrow and click on Videos. mceclip7.png

General Filter

These filters allow you to see what content is in active distribution, associated to a room code, duplicates, categories, ect.  Making it easier than ever to drill down and find the content you need.



How to: View Media Report & Audit Content Score

Our new Content Manager now includes in-app reporting giving you the ability to audit media quality, performance, and reach.  To access this report, click on the report dropdown at the top of the screen and Select Media Report.


Once on the Media Report page you’ll see your overall content score at a glance. Your overall Content Score is calculated based on the quantity of:

  • High resolution images
  • Images assigned to the Room Type category
  • Images associated to room codes
  • Images assigned to an amenity category. The more images you have in each category, the higher your score. These attributes are based on travel channels’ best practices for media display.

Media Quality
broken down by images, videos, and virtual tours

Media by Category shows the quantity of media tagged into the categories defined as most important to performance on travel channels, according to best practices

Room Type Images shows whether guest room media has been categorized to a room code

Copyright Media shows the number of images with copyright metadata

Media Freshness shows how often your content has been updated.  Most channels are looking for updates every 2-5 years.  This allows you to keep track of what content may need to be replaced and when.


To see more information, click the icon in the top right of each section to download a CSV file with a breakdown of how this metric was calculated.  This allows you to drill deeper into the data with downloadable CSV files that break down how each metric stacks up against industry standards.


For more information about how integrate with SynXis, read this FAQ. For any other questions, reach out and ask your Account Manager! 


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