In this digital world - does print still have a place?



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    Philip Farran

    I believe that print DOES still have a place for hotel marketing, but it's role in a hotel's overall marketing strategy has definitely diminished. Digital marketing is the way to go for attracting business from all over the world, but print media can keep them engaged and spending once they arrive at the hotel.

    For example, you can use print media to create local attraction booklets that help guests find the best activities and deals in the area, which is valuable information to leisure travelers.

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    Krista Crawford

    We use print media for local advertising guides in our area but the majority of our marketing is being focused on the digital stage. It just has a wider reach.

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    We have exchanged most of our print media for digital media, but keep rack cards and cards to give out to guests. We have alot of elderly guests that still love to have rack cards and just something in their hands to refer to.

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    Lee Ann Reynolds

    Yes, nothing beats good old fashioned print. Hipsters...and older guests love it.

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    Emily Hall

    I believe it has diminished, but it is still a role, just a different way.

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    GrandStay Hotel

    No, I am finding more and more that even the older travelers are using smart phones and digital content.

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