Images for Google+ page through Leonardo

How do you optimize the images on Leonardo so that they showup on Google+ page. Currently, there are no images showing up on my client's Google+ page from Leonardo. Is there a process to be followed for getting the same?




  • I have had to manage our Google listings independently from Leonardo. I do not believe they offer an integration for that platform at this time. Hope this helps.

  • They have mentioned in the below page that they do distribute images to Google map page so I was wondering is there a way to optimize these images to showup in Google maps page

  • Arali - unfortunately a lot of what Google requires is not handled by any company and must come from the hotel level. Often times the main image that you see for Google is pulled from Google Earth and is not a photograph loaded into the profile. Also the brand has a lot to do with what is fed to Google. Hope this helps.


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