SEO - For Hoteliers

Not enough attention is paid to the importance of SEO. On the brand level they use generic practices that rely heavily on brand recognition. It is imperative for hoteliers to take control over their online presence especially when it comes to SEO. How are potential guests going to find you if you are buried 3-4 pages deep in search results. You may out do your competition offline in every aspect but if a travel shopper finds a competitor before the find you chances are you've lost the guest. Through Leonardo's services a hotelier is capable of creating a compelling story to both meet the needs of search engines and their travel shoppers. By taking control of your own SEO practices you can stay abreast to what the industry is doing as when it's left up to the brand you may not see any changes to your online content. Google esp looks for fresh content and updates to be done regularly.



  • Especially with Google's new SEO algorithm giving preference to mobile optimized websites!!

  • I agree with you Kristi, SEO is so imperative on how often the customer see's our webpage and our brand on the internet. IN your opinion what are some ways that are not too costly, with regards to utilizing SEO?


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