How do you showcase authentic experiences to travel shoppers?



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    Krista Crawford

    We don't offer much now but we are revamping our website after a hotel-wide renovation to include more links/guides to the local area.

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    Kristi Hawkins

    We manage events websites for our major cities that give travel shoppers an inside peek to the local surroundings of the hotel. We offer everything from things to do, places to eat, things to see and of course where to stay on these sites. They have become a critical asset to our hotel marketing strategy.

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    Lyn Kienholz

    Love this idea! Photos & information on the area overall. Carlson offers us an option to have 2 optional pages & we keep them up to date with the local theatre since that is a huge piece for our community and then whatever else might be happening in the area for the year.

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    Emily Hall

    We like to provide a calendar of local events, a guide to what is going on in the hotel and the area, as well as provide our story through images and social media interactions. We like to create relationships before they even step in the door!

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